Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Time to Open Your Hearts to CFC

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) --- the nation’s largest workplace fundraising campaign — is under way in the South Florida District and around the country. This year’s campaign theme is “The Compassion of Individuals, the Power of Community.”

Since 1961, federal employees have contributed more than $6 billion to this campaign. Last year, CFC raised $66.5 million in pledges for participating local, national and international charities and had more than 150,000 donors. The national goal for this year’s drive, which ends December 11, is $67 million. The district goal is $764,388 which is 1% higher than the actual monies collected in 2009.

Helping people is what the CFC is all about. While you’re making your decision, consider what your gift can buy:

$2 a pay period provides transportation to the hospital for dialysis treatment.

$4 a month buys 145 pounds of food for a food bank.

$10 a month pays for a complete platelet count for two children undergoing cancer treatment.

$12 a month pays 5 month’s salary for an adult literacy teacher.

$15 a month purchases 150 trees planted by volunteers to offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions of the average family of four.

$35 a month buys clothing for three homeless American children.

How much you give and whether you wish to designate your support to a specific charity is your decision. Most employees elect to pledge an amount to be withheld regularly from their paycheck while others give a one-time gift during the CFC. Your gift will help shape the lives of thousands of people in our communities, across the country, and around the world.

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